Cooperative Registration In South Africa

What is a Cooperative Registration?

A cooperative is “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic,

social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically-controlled enterprise”.

Cooperative Registration In South Africa

A co-operative is a distinct form of enterprise that provides services and/or products to its members. Profits, known as surpluses in a co-operative, are divided among members in relation to the amount of the business each member did with the co-operative.

By registering a co-operative, you are creating a legal entity with certain powers to act on its own and certain responsibilities. Before registering a co-operative, take note of the important record-keeping that need to be done by a co-operative

To register a Co-operative, the following documents and information is required:

  • The number of members the co-operative will have along with their ID copies (minimum five Members)
  • Four proposed names in order of preference.
  • The postal and physical address of the co-operative.
  • Co-operative contact details (this includes email addresses and Telephone numbers)
  • The details of the intended members. (this includes addresses, contact numbers and email addresses)
  • A limited Power of Attorney in which you give us the authority to register a company on your behalf, signed by all intended member/s (which will be sent to you via email once the order is placed).

The Co-operative Registration process is divided into two steps:

  • Step 1:Name Reservations will be made, which will take 1-2 business days. However, if there is a delay from CIPC due to system errors or work load, the process could take longer.
  • Step 2:Once the name has been approved, the Co-operative Registration process will take place, which will take 2 – 4 weeks. However, If there is a delay from CIPC due to excessive workload, the process could take longer.

Once the Co-operative has been registered, you will receive the following documents via email or post:

  • Corporate certificate of Confirmation
  • Registered Co–operative Constitution
  • Registration Letter

Cost for Co-operative Registration: R 1 990.00