Companies That Hire Welders In South Africa

What is a Welder?

Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, primarily by using high temperatures to melt the parts together and allow them to cool, causing fusion.

Companies That Hire Welders In South Africa


Leita Steel (Pty) Ltd

Pretoria, South Africa:

Welder Position:

We are looking for skilled Welders for Structural Steel.

Experience Required:

• Structural Steel Welding (5 Years Experience)

• GMAW/MIG welder

• Trade qualified Welder (Preferred)

• 2G and 3G welding.


• Ensure the safe and proper running of all machinery and equipment are conducted.

• Ensure that all planned maintenance schedules are accurately performed.

• Ensures and maintains a clean working area and environment.

Is there a demand for welders in South Africa?

Bridging the Unemployment Gap to Secure the Future of Welding ...

SAIW Business Development Manager Etienne Nell explains; “There is a demand for welding skills in South Africa, yet locally, many South African training facilities only offer basic welder training resulting in a lack of properly qualified prospective employees.

What qualifications do you need to be a welder in South Africa?

To become a Welder, one must have a Matric Grade 9 certificate confirming he has finished his learning period. Some employers may require higher certifications.

Registered artisans in this field have to gain their skills and knowledge from courses and training before they are eligible to earn an entry-level salary.