Companies That Hire Truck Drivers In South Africa

What is a Truck Driver?

A truck driver is a person who earns a living as the driver of a truck, which is commonly defined as a large goods vehicle or heavy goods vehicle.

Companies That Hire Truck Drivers In South Africa

Truck Driver code 14 at QikTrucK Logistics

QikTruck Logistics

Randburg, South Africa:

A fast and readily available method to move goods of any size and form from point A to point B allows participants in any community to have better control of their expenses and supply chain. Vehicle owners who provide trucks for hire and moving services are sitting with a nearby load capacity that is not visible to a huge market that needs to move their goods.

We propose a way to solve the problem faced by these truck owners, by adding them to a searchable database, a digital platform, and a marketplace.

QikTruck software finds the closest and most affordable vehicle to process and manage the job. QikTruck has the digital services and curated load capacity to safely deliver goods on time.
People who offer transportation services will seize opportunities for transport that are not visible to the market and need their cargo moved.

Are truck drivers in demand in South Africa?

Truck driving is a critical occupation in South Africa’s economy, carrying goods and products across the country. With the advent of technology and the need for commerce to keep on rolling, the demand for truck drivers has risen in recent years.

How do I become a truck driver in South Africa?

You will need a heavy-vehicle driver’s license (C1, C, EB, EC1 or EC) – (Code 10, 11, 13 or 14) and undergo and pass a medical examination. Courses in advanced driving would be an added advantage. CLICK HERE for more info.

Is trucking a good business in South Africa?

Starting a transport business in Southern Africa can be a highly lucrative venture, especially taking advantage of countries like Zimbabwe and Botswana with their significant mineral resources and the production of raw materials.