Companies That Hire Software Developers In South Africa

What is a Software Developer?

A programmer, computer programmer or coder is an author of computer source code – someone with skill in computer programming. The professional titles software developer and software engineer are used for jobs that require a programmer.

Companies That Hire Software Developers In South Africa

Allan Gray Proprietary Limited

We are Africa’s largest privately-owned and independent investment management company. We are focused on generating long-term wealth for our clients who include individuals, retirement funds, insurers, trusts, companies, and foundations.

They invest through our focused range of unit trusts, retirement products, and life insurance investment pools or in segregated portfolios.

Our employees are our most important differentiator; we invest in them for the long term. We have over 1 200 employees spread across our Cape Town headquarters, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban offices. We also have offices in Windhoek, Namibia, and Gaborone, Botswana.

Allan Gray Proprietary Limited is an authorized financial services provider.

Are software developers in demand in South Africa?

Although demand for IT professionals including software developers decreased over the last three years, software development skills remain sought after in the South African job market, as it continues to grapple a significant shortage of a variety of tech skills, notes the report.

How much a software developer earns in South Africa?

Average Software Developer Salaries by Experience

Years of Experience25th Percentile75th Percentile

How many years does it take to become a software developer in South Africa?

3-4 years

University route (Traditional) – All in all this is where you study for 3-4 years to get a degree or diploma. In turn, this is a good route, if you have time, money, and resources. But it’s not needed, as many graduates get good paying jobs with ‘just’ an international short course certificate (less than 1 year).

What qualifications do I need to be a software developer in South Africa?

A National Senior Certificate that meets the requirements for a diploma or degree course is a pre-requisite.

Experience can be gained in company trainee programs, work placements, internships, or a year in the industry. Also, all software vendors, including Microsoft and Sun, run accredited training.