Companies That Hire Quality Managers In South Africa

What is a Quality Manager?

A Quality Manager is responsible for developing and implementing procedures for inspecting, testing, and evaluating the quality of products by the company’s standards.

During the preparation of reports, they collect data regarding inspections or other aspects such as the cleanliness of the production line, which are then analyzed in great detail.

Companies That Hire Quality Managers In South Africa

Packhouse Quality Manager

The main focus of the role is aligning fruit supply with customer specification and expectation in terms of fruit quality whilst adhering to market requirements.

Managing detail on agricultural residues, pest management, packing specifications, appearance, internal quality, temperature control throughout the value chain, and customer’s interpretation of packing standards.¬†

Provide assistance and guidance with the technical aspects of supplying the right fruit to the right market economically.

Duties & Responsibilities

Reporting of activities for Quality

  • Reporting on incoming inspections of fruit (long-stems, Oleo, damaged picks, etc.)
  • Reporting of culled fruit
  • Reporting and management of the De-greening process and related data
  • Signing of on reports for Quality (chemical dosage, fruit checks, internal analysis, size, weights, specs, labels, packaging)
  • Sampling, inspection and reporting for Phytclean
  • Inspection of retention samples
  • Conduct Investigation of claims and non-conformances and make recommendations
  • Control of non-conforming pallets

Document management and control

  • Development and signing off on specifications (internal and customer)

Training, awareness

  • Training on procedures and processes for Quality, Food Safety & Hygiene

Cleaning, sanitation, and housekeeping

  • Ensure a hygienic food environment and good housekeeping practices are maintained and encouraged

PPECB support

  • ¬†Support inspection services and communication with PPECB where required
  • Assist in evaluating rejections and recommendations for improvement/concessions

Quality Manager – Projects

We are currently seeking a Quality Manager to join our dynamic team.

The incumbent must be trustworthy and proactive with many years of quality experience and proven leadership skills. It is expected that they will work on many projects at the same time, build and manage a diverse team of Quality Engineers and Inspectors, formulate and execute strategies, and coordinate with other managers.

Their responsibilities include ensuring quality within the projects which includes works undertaken by ourselves and that of our suppliers, subcontractors, and partners and as required for the successful execution of our Projects.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage the scope of work allocated, completing within the set time frame within the budget and cash targets whilst optimizing the margin of the Company.
  • Provide support in planning and management of projects to ensure they are executed on time, within the agreed budget and to the required specifications.
  • Drives Project quality culture, quality assurance, quality control, and compliance with local codes and standards, law, and regulations.
  • Ensure that the defined level of Quality is achieved by measuring, auditing, reporting on and by implementing the necessary actions to resolve quality issues within the Projects.
  • Define, implement, and review the Project Quality Plan reflecting the requirements of the Contract, regulatory requirements, and the Business Management systems.

How much does a quality control manager earn in South Africa?

The average quality manager salary in South Africa is R 480 000 per year or R 246 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 300 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 5 178 500 per year.

How much does a quality assurance team leader earn in South Africa?

The average qa lead salary in South Africa is R 1 080 000 per year or R 554 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 600 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 8 040 000 per year.