Clinics Hospitals In South Africa

What is a Hospital?

A hospital provides patient treatment with specialized health science, auxiliary healthcare staff, and medical equipment. 

Clinics Hospitals In South Africa

Akasia Clinic.

Argyle Clinic.

Bagleyston Day Clinic. 400 Louis Botha Avenue.

Curomed Medi-Clinic. 177 Du Toitspan Road.

Bedford Gardens Hospital. 7 Leicester Road.

Benoni Day Clinic. 2nd Floor.

Birchmed Surgical Centre. 8 Tiger Street.

Constantia Clinic. 374 Ontdekkers Road Florida Park.

How many clinics are there in South Africa?

South Africa has over 3,000 public clinics and over 470 public hospitals, as well as over 1,500 private clinics and 260 private hospitals.

Among all the provinces, Gauteng has the most healthcare facilities due to its large population and major economic activity 

Are clinics free in South Africa?

Low-quality public health care is available to all citizens for free with no formal health insurance plans. This public health system is divided into three tiers of health services.

Primary care facilities are meant to be the first point of contact for patients and provide an initial assessment of the patient.