Church Registration In South Africa

What is a Church?

In ecclesiology, the Christian Church is what different Christian denominations conceive of as being the true body of Christians or the original institution established by Jesus. 

Church Registration In South Africa

How to start a church simply apply by using our easy online church registration form (NPO but before you can proceed with the online registration form you must have the following details ready to complete the online non-profit company registration form.

Church Registration Requirements  

·        Come up with at least 3 to 4 preferential Church Names that you wish to name your church with(This is needed for Name Reservation)

·        S.A ID Numbers of all the directors registering the NPO/NPC or passport numbers if not South African to be lodged on the church memorandum of incorporation.

·        Physical & Postal address of every church Director/incorporator registering the church/ministry known as a non-profit company.

·        Contact details of all the directors – to be lodged on the church memorandum of incorporation

Should you have the above details ready then you may Register online using our online form from NPO you may use this link to Register your church Ministry

Also, remember to submit the following supporting documents to us by email.

1.      3 Signed Power of attorney Forms or more if registration exceeds more than 3 directors

2.      Latest Certified S.A ID copies or Passport ID copies if foreign national.

3.      Proof of payment if not yet submitted already.

4.      If registration exceeds more than 3 directors you will have to submit the Form C application together with the above-mentioned supporting documents.

To download Form C and the Power of attorney use the following links

·        Power of attorney click here

·        Form C Click here

Send the above documents to any of the following email addresses



Once the online church application and the supporting documents have been submitted to us, we as the NPO Registrations Team will quickly assist you to lodge and finalise the registration with CIPC.

How long and how much does it cost?
It may take 3 to 10 working days to reserve a name for a nonprofit company.
It may take 10 to 21 working days to register a non-profit company.
We currently charge a fee of R1 199.00 to register a Non-Profit Organisation/Company. For more information please contact us at the following Church Registrations Tel: 063 215 9688 or Email us at

To register a New Church/Ministry apply by clicking this link Church Registration Forms South Africa

How many churches are registered in South Africa?

There are a total of 6361 Churches in South Africa as of January 09, 2024.