Casio Calculator Suppliers In South Africa

Casio Calculator Suppliers In South Africa

CASIO scientific calculators are one of the most popular calculator brands in South African educational institutions. In addition, we have been giving back to education for over 20 years.

Below is the Casio Calculator Suppliers In South Africa

James Ralph Pty Ltd

My Casio World: Official Authorised Casio Retailer in South Africa

How do I know if my Casio calculator is real?


Among the fake products, there are models that cannot even produce a QR code or produce a fake QR code that cannot be read. If your device cannot scan or read the QR Code produced, that calculator may possibly be a counterfeit model

Which model of Casio calculator is best?

Casio Scientific Calculator: 8 Best Casio Scientific ...

1 Which is the best Casio scientific calculator? Ans. The most advanced Casio FX-CG50 is probably the best in class with over 2900 functions and graph plotting capabilities, but it is also fairly expensive. Other options include FX-991CW, FX-82ES, and FX-991EX.