Car Parts Suppliers In South Africa

Car Parts Suppliers In South Africa

Below is the Car Parts Suppliers In South Africa

Sunway Auto Parts


Ace Auto Scrapyard.


Mit Auto Parts

What is the import duty on car parts in South Africa?

The effective rated duty rates on cars, light vehicles, and minibusses are still at the high level of 34%, while the rate of duty on original motor parts is 20%.

How to start a spare parts business in South Africa?

Starting Auto Spare Parts Store Business in South Africa ...

You will need premises which include the auto spares store, back offices, and a warehouse for your products. Your premises should have sufficient parking space for your customers. Your auto spares business plan should cater to the costs of renting or buying premises.

How do I find the right car parts?

How do I obtain the correct car part?

  1. Vehicle identification number (VIN) – this is a number that specifically relates to your car, and can be used to locate the right part.
  2. Part codes – on some occasions, the part itself will have a code, though you might need to dig through the dirt and grease to see it.