Cable Manufacturing Companies In South Africa

What is Cable Manufacturing?

An electrical cable is an assembly of one or more wires running side by side or bundled, which is used as an electrical conductor, i.e., to carry electric current.

Cable Manufacturing Companies In South Africa

Empire Cables

Address: 32 Springbok Rd, Longdale, Industria, 2093, South Africa

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 5 pm ⋅ Opens 8 am Mon

Phone: +27 10 447 6673

Aberdare Cables

Address: 1 Corobrik St, Meadowdale, Germiston, 1614, South Africa

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 am Mon

Phone: +27 11 396 8000

What are the electrical wires in South Africa?

Koolcon Electrical Services

In South Africa these wires are identified as follows: red, white or yellow, blue – LIVE (PHASES) black – NEUTRALgreen/yellow or bare copper – EARTH.

Do electricians install cable?

Side Note: Network Cable technicians install low-voltage cables to industry standards, while electricians install high-voltage cables that provide power to industry standards.

Low voltage cable transmits voice & data. Ultimately, electricians do not work with technology, networking, or data.