BScAgric in Animal Production Systems at University of Stellenbosch

The Animal Production Systems program encompasses a 4-year bachelor’s program, which culminates in the awarding of a BScAgric degree in the field of Animal Science. Animal Science is considered as the scientific study of the nutrition, breeding, physiology, and production of animals.

Minimum Requirement

Write the NBTs AQL and MAT
• An NSC aggregate of at least 60% (excluding Life Orientation)
• English OR Afrikaans (Home Language or First Additional Language) 50%
• Mathematics 60%
• Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) 50%

Admission Requirement

For admission to the University you need:

• A National Senior Certificate or school-leaving certificate from the Independent Examination Board as certified by Umalusi with admission to bachelor’s degree studies; or
• A university exemption certificate issued by the South African Matriculation Board to students with other school qualifications.
Admission to bachelor’s degree studies requires that you obtain a mark of at least 4 (50-59%) in
each of four designated university admission subjects.

What are two careers in animal sciences?

Conservation officer. Animals and their habitats are inextricably interlinked.



The food industry.


Animal trainer for films and productions.

What skills do you need to be an animal scientist?

Animal Scientist Skills & Competencies

Independence—the ability to perform research with minimal supervision, developing their own research methods and forming their own conclusions.

Verbal and written communication skills—the ability to communicate research findings in reports, publications, and courses.