Brics Offices In South Africa

What is a Brics?

The bloc was founded as an informal club in 2009 to provide a platform for its members to challenge a world order dominated by the United States and its Western allies.

Its creation was initiated by Russia.

The group is not a formal multilateral organization like the United Nations, World Bank or the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

The heads of state and government of the member nations convene annually with each nation taking up a one-year rotating chairmanship of the group.

Brics Offices In South Africa

Contact Info

  • OR Tambo Building,460 Soutpansberg Rd, Pretoria.
  • (+27) 12 351 1000.

Does South Africa benefit from BRICS?

Our membership of BRICS makes a valuable contribution to the implementation of our Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan.

For example, growing the tourism industry is one of the priorities of the Plan. The BRICS countries are becoming increasingly important tourism markets for South Africa.

Why is South Africa joining BRICS?

In a speech on the eve of the summit, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasized that South Africa supports BRICS expansion and partnering with other African nations, through which the “continent can unlock opportunities for increased trade, investment and infrastructure development.”