Botswana Cars For Sale In South Africa

What is a Botswana Car?

Botswana Cars For Sale In South Africa

2002 Toyota Hilux Double Cab


Registered in the UK, so a perfect option for foreigners looking for an overland adventure. No TRN needed!

The price includes all camping and essential 4WD equipment.

Price: R80,000 (negotiable)

Location: Cape Town

Transmission: Manual

Weight: 2.78 T

Can you buy a car in Botswana and drive it in South Africa?

Owners of vehicles with Lesotho, Botswana and Eswatini number plates can drive freely and unhindered on South Africa roads.

Trying to register a vehicle from outside South Africa is very expensive and sometimes impossible – there are so many rules governing this.

How long can I drive a Botswana car in South Africa?

Vehicles may be temporarily imported by tourists and foreign nationals for a period of three months or on application extended to six months.

Foreign vehicles in SA not validly under permit, may be subject to seizure, and subject to 14-day notice may be confiscated if any fine, VAT, or import duty is not paid.