BOccTher at University of Pretoria

Bachelor of Science in the field of Occupational Therapy degree aimsĀ to skill studentsĀ in helping clients who are temporarily or permanently impaired by illness, accident, disability, environmental limitations, or developmental delay.

Admission requirements

In order to register NSC/IEB/Cambridge candidates must comply with the minimum requirements for degree studies and with the minimum requirements for the relevant study programme.

Life Orientation is excluded in the calculation of the APS.

Grade 11 results will be used for the conditional admission of prospective students.

Admission to Health Sciences study programmes is subject to a selection process.

Minimum requirements

Achievement Level
English Mathematics Physical Science
4 3 D D 4 3 D D 4 3 D D 30.

Additional requirements

Also consult General Regulations.
Note: Each student in Occupational Therapy must apply immediately after admission to the first year of study, to the Registrar of the Health Professions Council of South Africa for registration as a student in Occupational Therapy.

Duration: 4 years