Biohazard Specimen Bags Suppliers In South Africa

Biohazard Specimen Bags Suppliers In South Africa

Bio-hazard Plastic Bags pack of 20

R46.00 Ex VAT

Bio Hazard Red Bag – Liner – 500 x 600mm

Our 25-liter Biohazard Bags are designed for the safe collection and disposal of biohazardous and infectious waste. 

What is a biohazard specimen transport bag?

Specimen Transport Bags

These bags are designed for the safe transportation of specimens and documentation. Each bag is printed with the biohazard symbol and offers checkmark boxes to indicate special handling instructions.

What size are biohazard plastic bags?

Biohazard Bags

They are either 1.5 or 2 mils thick polypropylene printed with bold visuals signifying decontamination use. Available as 12 x 24” (310 x 610 mm) or 24 x 30” (610 x 760 mm) bags.

How do you transport biohazard specimens?

Place all primary samples in a sealable, leak-proof secondary container labeled with a biohazard symbol. Suitable secondary containers can include a plastic specimen bag with a zip closure or plastic container with a fitted lid.