Bair Hugger Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Bair Hugger?

The Bair Hugger system is a convective temperature management system used in a hospital or surgery center to maintain a patient’s core body temperature.

Bair Hugger Suppliers In South Africa

Can a Bair Hugger burn a patient?

With the use of these devices, outcomes are improved and complications are rare. We report a child who developed second-and third-degree burns from the use of a Bair Hugger (Augustine Medical, Eden Prairie, MN)

warming system after a cardiopulmonary bypass. This patient was known to have transposition of the great arteries.

What temperature is Bair Hugger?

Bair Hugger Temperature Management Solutions provides the widest range of best-in-class patient warming products to help clinicians keep a

patient’s core body temperature within the normothermic temperature zone of 36.0° to 37.5°C2,3 and safeguard patients while improving outcomes.

Do Bair Huggers cause infection?

Thousands of patients who used Bair Hugger blankets also reported serious infections, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Some studies suggest the forced air used by the blankets stirs up airborne particles which may lead to infection.

How long can you use a Bair Hugger?

3M recommends changing the HEPA filter in Bair Hugger units every 12 months or 500 hours of use, according to an April 2022 article in Infection Control & Hospital epidemiology.

Study authors found that many of these units reach 500 hours of use well before the 12 month mark.