Bachelors of Arts Industrial Design At University of Johannesburg‎

Industrial designers use drawings, models and computer programmes to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality of a broad range of products, from once-off furniture items to mass-produced goods such as gaming consoles, kitchen appliances and mobile phones

The undergraduate Bachelors of Arts Industrial Design qualification prepares students to enter the market as skilled product design technicians.

The major subjects in the undergraduate programme are practical ones that aim at developing students design skills.

These include creative, analytical, and critical thinking; visualisation; freehand drawing and freehand rendering; computer modelling and computer rendering; engineering drawing; oral communication and personal presentation; model making and prototyping

The theory subject’s complement and support the practical ones by providing knowledge vital for putting acquired skills to use.

This qualification is aimed at students who wish to enter careers in the Industrial Design sector and who will in time and with experience or further study become professional Industrial Designers. Students who complete this qualification will be able to enter a design career as a Junior Designer.

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