Bachelor of Education in Senior and FET Phase Teaching (Maths, Science and Technology Education – MSTE) at University of Zululand

The BEd (Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Teaching) is an initial comprehensive qualification for educators in schools teaching grades 7 – 10 as it makes provision for integration of academic school-related subjects and educational subjects for teacher preparation in both the Senior Phase Further.

Admission to University of Zululand

The first step when applying for admission at the University is deciding on the qualification you wish to obtain.

Upon acceptance, depending on the chosen course, you are then admitted to one of the institution’s four faculties.

Entry Requirement

Your application will only be considered for admission if you qualify and meet the faculty requirements.

NOTE: Meeting the minimum admission requirements only means that you are eligible for selection, NOT that you will necessarily be accepted.

Min Admission Points

NSC pass with Engl 4 and Maths 5 and Phys Sci 4 OR Maths 4 and Phys Sci 5 OR SC Matric Exemption with Engl ‘D’ HG/’C’ SG and Maths ‘C’ HG/’B’ SG and Phys Sci ‘D’ HG/’C’ SG OR Maths ‘D’ HG/’C’ SG and Phys Sci ‘C’ HG/’B’ SG.

What can I do with a math teaching degree?

Counseling and Guidance. Curriculum and Instruction. Educational Administration and Supervision. Educational Evaluation and Research. ESL Teaching.

Science Teacher Education. Chemistry Teacher Education. Teaching, Computers. Social Studies Teacher Education. Teaching, Reading.

What is a good career change for a math teacher?

Some teachers may also decide to leave the field. Don’t fret. Your training and strong knowledge of math are a good combination for many different career paths, including jobs in statistics, financial consulting, computer science, economics, research, and actuarial sciences.