Bachelor of Commerce in Law (BCom in Law) at University of Northwest

The BCom Law is a business law degree that equips graduates with the knowledge base, theory, and methodology of commerce, and the general rules of law. You will receive specialized knowledge in certain law subjects such as tax, accounting, governance, and compliance.

Admission Requirement

NS(C) OR NC(V) for degree studies, OR with full matriculation exemption;

Home language level 5 AND First Additional Language level 5

Mathematics level 4

SELECTION: Paper selection, placement tests, and psychometric assessment

PLACEMENT: Scholastic achievements, the results of a placement process, adherence to the
requirements set by the Faculty of Law

DURATION: 3 years.

Job Opportunities

Commercial Sector

Legal Advisor

What is the difference between a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce in law?

A BCom(Law) degree complements the LLB, as it provides a broader perspective on issues such as taxation and commercial law.

This degree allows a graduate to acquire an LLB within two years after completion of the BCom(Law) degree. advocates, prosecutors, magistrates, legal advisors, and academics.

Can you become a lawyer with BCom law?

You will need to enroll and complete an LLB Law Degree which is a four-year degree, and this is the minimum requirement. You also have the option of completing the BCom Law Degree before the LLB Law Degree – however, this is not compulsory.

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Law Jobs by Salary

Job TitleRange
Tax ConsultantRange: R102k – R275k (Estimated *)
Corporate SecretaryRange: R190k – R713k (Estimated *)
Attorney / LawyerRange: R74k – R399k (Estimated *)
Legal ManagerRange: R309k – R955k (Estimated *)