Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies at University of Zululand

The Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies is a four-year undergraduate program that combines general education with the basic study of community development and is designed to develop a consistent Christian vision and approach to community development and poverty reduction.

Admission to University of Zululand

The first step when applying for admission at the University is deciding on the qualification you wish to obtain.

Upon acceptance, depending on the chosen course, you are then admitted to one of the institution’s four faculties.

Entry Requirement

Your application will only be considered for admission if you qualify and meet the faculty requirements.

NOTE: Meeting the minimum admission requirements only means that you are eligible for selection, NOT that you will necessarily be accepted.

Min Admission Points

NSC pass with an achievement rating of 3 (moderate achievement, 40-49%) or better in 4 recognized SC 20-credit subjects; an achievement rating of 4 (50-59%) in Life Orientation and an achievement rating of 4 (50-59%) in English as a Home Language (Matric Exemption).

Where can I work if I study development studies?

Business or Government Consultant.

Community Development Worker.

Development Officer.


Economic Development Advisor/Officer.

Economic Policy Analyst.

Ecotourism Guide/Agent.

Foreign Service Officer.

What is the benefit of Development Studies?

The main objective of the Development Studies courses is to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for a career in the field of development, give them a good understanding of the development experiences of different countries and empower them with the analytical and conceptual skills needed to understand.

What courses are in Development Studies?

SDS111–Introduction to Development Studies.

SSF111 –Fundaments of Social Science I.

SSE121 –Introduction to Microeconomics.

BCS151 –Communication and Study Skills.

BMG101 –Ethics and Sustainable Behavior in Society.