Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Mpumalanga

The IIE Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is a broad-based Arts degree that focuses on ‘the art of learning’. The IIE BA degree provides students with a choice of two of the following three core disciplines namely: English, Psychology, and Communication Science.

Admission Entry Requirements

1. Applicants with the National Senior Certificate (NSC): The minimum requirements for admission to a degree must be met.

In addition, students will have the following:

Minimum Admission Point Score (APS): 30

English Language (Home or First Additional Language): Level 4

Mathematics: Level 2

Mathematical Literacy: Level 3.

What are examples of Bachelor of Arts degrees?


Art History.

Astronomy and Astrophysics.




What jobs can I get with a BA degree?

Executive Assistant.

Operations Manager.

Human Resources Manager.

Graphic Designer.

Content Writer.

Operations Team Leader.

Marketing Manager.

Business Development Manager.

Can you teach with a bachelor of arts degree?

Pursuing a BA in Teaching can be a great choice for individuals who have a passion for helping others learn. It is often a necessary degree for individuals who want to become an accredited teacher.

The degrees that offer the best starting salary in South Africa

Bachelor’s DegreeMedian Starting Salary
Bachelor of ScienceR197 478
Bachelor of TechnologyR180 940
Bachelor of Business AdministrationR172 172
Bachelor of ArtsR160 948