Bachelor of Arts (BA) Communication at University of Northwest

A bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts will prepare students to be competent communicators in today’s diverse and evolving business, professional, and academic fields. Communication Arts has a variety of emphases through which a student can follow interests, develop abilities, and channel talents.

Admission Requirement

English level 5 (60- 70%)

DURATION: 3 years

Job Opportunities

Internal communication practitioner

Public /media relations, marketing, brand,   reputation, or stakeholder management

Creating communication material or publications

Online content or social media management

Stakeholder relations management

Sponsorship liaison

Corporate communication consultant

Journalist (digital, print, broadcast)

Influencer & media policy analyst

Academia & Researcher

Publisher & Technical writer.

How can I make the most money with a communications degree?

Marketing Managers. The top-earning position that is an option for people with a communications degree is that of a marketing manager.

Public Relations Managers.

Technical Writers.

Market Research Analysts.

Writers and Authors.

Advertising Managers.


Bachelor of Arts (BA), Communication Jobs by Salary

Job TitleRange
Executive AssistantRange: R90k – R686k
Multimedia DesignerRange: R156k – R298k (Estimated )
Marketing CoordinatorRange: R77k – R239k (Estimated )
Operations ManagerRange: R76k – R780k (Estimated )

Is a BA in Communication a good degree?

Yes, a communication degree is worth it for many students.

Communications majors have a wide range of exciting and interesting jobs open to them.

A communications degree can be a great fit for someone who is interested in working in media or broadcasting.