Bachelor In Zoology And Environmental Management At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ)

 BA in Environmental Management? This degree allows students to delve into the study of the ways in which natural resources can be protected. Environmental management typically focuses on conservation, habitat protection and containment of environmental hazards

Zoology is generally a program of study about animals, both living and nonliving. It can include animal behavior, biology, or the evolution of animals. Other areas may include study of the bodies of animals.

Entry Requirement Of Bachelor In Zoology And Environmental Management At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ)

Programme :Bachelor In Zoology And Environmental Management

Minimum APS :30

Campus :APK

Qualification Code :B2L15Q

Mathematics :5 (60%+)

Life Science :4 (50%+)

English :5 (60%+)

Physical Science :4 (50%+)*

Career : Geo-Zoologist, Population Geneticist, Environmental Ecologist and Specialist

What jobs can you get with an environmental management degree?

Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc), Environmental Management Average by Job

  • Job.
  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Manager.
  • Environmental Scientist.
  • Environmental Manager.
  • Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)
  • Environmental Specialist.
  • Safety Manager.
  • Environmental Coordinator.

Are environmental jobs in demand?

Despite policy setbacks, environmental careers remain some of the most in demand. Climate change activism among college students is fueling interest in green jobs. The alternative energy sector is seeing some of the strongest growth of any industry.

What is zoology in geography?

Zoogeography is one of the various branches of biology. It deals primarily with the geological distribution of animals. … Thus, it encompasses and makes use of geography, geological history, evolutionary theories, physiography, climate,

Is a zoologist a good job?

The job outlook for zoologists is good, with a predicted 13% increase in jobs over the next 8 years, so now is the perfect time to go become a zoologist. A zoologist is not simply an animal behavior expert, but also studies animal diseases, life process, reproduction, feeding habits, and the number of certain animals.

Does zoology pay well?

The lowest-paid 10 percent of Zoologists earn less than $39,150 annually, while the highest-paid 10 percent earn more than $98,540 annually. … A zoology career with the federal government is the most lucrative, paying an average income of $81,490.