Bachelor In Mathematics And Computer Science At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ)

Mathematics is a critical ingredient for the development of social and scientific disciplines to solve real-life problems. In this degree course, mathematical content is combined with principles of computer science, computation, systems design, and software engineering to give a computer-aided approach to mathematics.

Entry Requirement Of Bachelor In Mathematics And Computer Science At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ)

Programme :Bachelor In Mathematics And Computer Science

Minimum APS :31

Campus :APK

Qualification Code :

Mathematics :6 (70%+)

English :5 (60%+)

Physical Science :4 (50%+

Career :Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Mathematical Advisor

What is the relationship between computer science and mathematics?

Math matters for computer science because it teaches students how to use abstract language, work with algorithms, self-analyze their computational thinking, and accurately modeling real-world solutions.

What math does computer science use?

Discrete mathematics, linear algebra, number theory, and graph theory are the math courses most relevant to the computer science profession. Different corners of the profession, from machine learning to software engineering, use these types of mathematics.

Is mathematics needed in computer science?

Also, studying Computer Science or Computer Engineering involves a lot of math, but this is not really necessary on the field. 90% of a CS degree involves studying things that are really interesting, sure, but hardly practical. You need math to understand the underlying theory.

Does computer science pay well?

Pros of Earning a Computer Science Degree

Opens the Door to High-Paying Careers: Computer science graduates earn some of the highest starting salaries of any major. If pay is important to you, a computer science major should rank toward the top of your list

Is it hard to get a computer science job?

The short answer is yes. But it’s no more difficult than any other subject you learned in school. CS degree programs demand a relatively high amount of knowledge in math, statistics, and technology, but any decent program will impart this knowledge.