Bachelor In BCOM (Law ) At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ)

The BCom Law is a business law degree that equips graduates with the knowledge base, theory and methodology of commerce and the general rules of law. You will receive specialized knowledge in certain law subjects such as tax, accounting, governance and compliance.

Entry Requirement In Bachelor In BCOM (Law ) At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ)

Programme :Bachelor In BCOM (Law )

Minimum APS :31 with Mathematics ONLY

Additional Language :4 (50%+)

Campus :APK

Mathematics :4 (50%+)

English :5 (60%+)

Career :Legal Advisor, Career in Commerce

Can you become a lawyer with BCom law?

The standard requirement before one can practice as a lawyer is completing an LLB degree which takes 4 years. Universities such as WITS no longer offer a straight LLB but require students to first study a BCom or BA degree and only offer LLB as a postgraduate degree.

Is BCom law difficult?

Even if you’re studying one of the so-called “easier” laws, it’s still one of the most difficult degrees to study and will require you to work hard from your very first day of studying law

What subjects do you need for BCom law?

The Bachelor of Commerce with Law (BCom) is a full-time 3 year degree.


  • Economic Theory IA (Microeconomics for Economists)
  • Economic Theory IB (Macroeconomics for Economists)
  • Computational Mathematics I.
  • Business Statistics I.
  • Fundamentals of Information Systems.

Is LLB better than BCom law?

The ultimate aim of BCom graduates should be to attain an LLB degree, should they desire to pursue a career in the organized legal profession. A BCom(Law) degree complements the LLB, as it provides a broader perspective on issues such as taxation and commercial law.

Is it good to do LLB after BCom

Yes, you can pursue LLB after B.Com. The basic requirement is being a graduate student but you have to undergo a examination for taking admission into a law college. If your aspiring to become an Lawyer then you should apply for LLB Course. 

Can we give CLAT after BCOM?

You cannot give CLAT after BCOM because there is a certain age criteria. The maximum age to give CLAT is 20 years for general students and 22 years for other reserved category. The other reason why can’t you apply after Bcom is that CLAT is a 5 year program and the criteria is to give after