BA In Mine Surveyors At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ)

Mining regulations normally require mines to maintain plans and sections of the surface and any underground workings. Regulations may require these documents to be provided to the government.

Regulations normally specify requirements for being up-to-date, in months

Programme: Mine Surveyors
Minimum APS:22

Group A Group B
Career: Mine Surveyors advise surveying mining engineers about geological areas that can be profitably mined
Campus: DFC
Languages:4 (50%+)
Mathematics:4 (50%+)
Mathematical Literacy:
Life Orientation:4 (50%+)
Subjects:4 (50%+)
English:4 (50%+)
Additional Recognised
Language:4 (50%+)
Physical Science:4 (50%+)
Subject 2:2 (30%+)
Subject 3:2 (30%+)

Mine surveyors are involved in the accurate measurement and recording of mine workings.

They are critical to the design, planning and safety of surface and underground mining activities, which must be accurately represented on mine plans.