BA Honours Design At University of Johannesburg

BA Honours Design

The Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Graphic Design prepares students for senior positions in industry or own consultancies, as well as for further postgraduate study and research in the field of design

The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Design prepares students for research-based postgraduate study and entry into a design career by enabling them to produce creative solutions to complex problems within a specialist area of design, and to conduct and report research under supervision.

Admission requirements

An appropriate Bachelor’s degree with a recommended minimum of 60% for all final year modules.

Selection Criteria

In addition to the minimum admission requirements as outlined above, prospective students may be required to present a portfolio of their own work to an interview panel.

Programme structure

a) Minimum duration: One year full-time/two years part-time

b) Maximum number of modules per year of study:

i) Full-time: Five semester modules

ii) Part-time: Three semester modules in year one (Research Methodology, Design Theory, Research Essay); and two semester modules in year two (Communication Design/Jewellery Practice and Design Project)

* Please refer to the applicable programme code and the curriculum structure with respect to an elective indicated with an asterisk ( *).

** Prerequisites herein are set up against for programme code H8DE1Q.

CDH8XA4Communication Design A (1st sem)Elective 
FDH8XA4*Fashion Design A (1st sem)Elective
MDH8XA4*Digital Media Design A (1st sem)Elective
JPH8XA4*Jewellery Practice A (1st sem)Elective
IDH8XA4*Industrial Design A (1st sem)Elective
DPH8XB4Design Project B (2nd sem)Compulsory**CDH8XA4 or JPH8XA4
RMH8XA4Research Methodology: Design A (1st sem)Compulsory 
DTH8XA4Design Theory A (1 st sem)Compulsory
REH8XB4Research Essay: Design B (2nd sem)CompulsoryRMH8XA4 andDTH8XA4

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