BA Community Development And Leadership At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ)

The primary purpose of this qualification is to develop students to become community development leaders in the facilitation of processes, techniques and principles in the initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and sustainment of developmental projects and programmed, based on people-centered, asset-based participatory theoretical approaches to address inequality

Entry Requirement In BA Community Development And Leadership At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ

Programme :BA Community Development And Leadership

Minimum APS :27

Qualification Code :B7015Q

Campus :SWC

English :5(60%+

Career :Municipalities, Government Departments (e.g. Department of Social Development) and Non-Government Organizations (focusing on development work)

Is community development a good course?

As a profession that seeks to help people help themselves, community development is a rewarding, meaningful career. Studying community development opens up myriad opportunities and broadens your horizons. If you’ve been wanting to make a change and make a difference, this could be the path you’ve been looking for.

What can you do with a BA in community development?

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Community Development Average by Job

  • Job.
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Project Assistant.
  • Test Analyst.
  • Training Officer.

What is the role of youth in development of a community?

Youth as Planners — Young people can participate as community planners in community development work. Using education and training, they can learn the skills and knowledge they need, and applying their knowledge they can guide their peers, younger people and adults, too.

What is Diploma community development?

This programmed takes three years and by the end of this course, the trainee should be able to: Understand various intervention measures in solving social problems in a society. Promote ethical and legal practices in appraising and solving social development problems

What is community health diploma?

This is a one and half year course whose objective is to equip students with skills and knowledge on patterns of diseases, organization and administration of different health services that may be provided to the community.