Aviation School Requirements In South Africa

After deciding on which aviation course to take, you have to be sure of where you can find the right course and their requirements. The following is a list of institutions offering aviation courses and their requirements. You can choose your ideal aviation school from this list and from many others that are not listed here

Skyy Aviation Academy

Ground Aviation training


Matric Certificate or Latest Grade 12 results

Matric results or latest grade 12 results

Identity Document

Student Identity Document and Identity Document of Parent / Guardian accompanying student (If student under 21)

Proof of address

Proof of address of the person’s over 21 , parent or guardian or student (if under 21)

Enrolment fee

Enrolment fee must be paid during the enrollment process. Card facilities are available.

Parent/ guardian

Your Parent/ guardian must accompany you if student is under 21. Identity Document of Parent / Guardian accompanying student

Cranfield Aviation Training

Contact details

  • Tel: +27 11 708 2588/98 or +27 82 341 1353/4
  • Email: info@cranfield.co.za
  • Physical address: 90 4th Road, Chartwell, Fourways, Johannesburg

Paramount Aviation Academy

Private Pilot Licence

The Pre-Requisites

  • Students are declared medically fit by an approved aviation medical examiner. We are able to assist you in making the relevant appointments.
  • You must be at least 15 for your SPL , 16 to go solo and 17 years of age before you can obtain your Private Pilot Licence.
  • Meet the English Language Proficiency standards.
  • Student Pilot Licence, medical and excess insurance must be in place prior to the first flight.

Night Rating


  • A valid Private Pilot Licence
  • Pass a SACAA online exam
  • 5 hours of Ground School
  • 5 hours of Simulator IF training
  • 5 hours of night flight training including a night cross country flight and at least 5 take offs and landings by night
  • Practical flight and navigational skill test

Instrument Rating


  • Valid Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Valid Night Rating
  • Total of 200 hours of flight time (CPL)
  • Total of 250 hours of total flight time with 100 hours pilot in command (PPL)
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate



  • At least 18 years of age before you can obtain your Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Valid Private Pilot Licence
  • Valid Night Rating
  • Total of 200 hours of flight time (CPL)
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Meet the English Language Proficiency standards

Multi-Engine rating


The minimum requirement is a PPL with at least 150 total flying hours.


  • The initial Multi Engine conversion must be done with a suitable rated multi rated Instructor.
  • Ground School lectures totalling at least 4 hours will include theoretical flying technique and Multi Engine phraseology.
  • An Aircraft Technical will be completed before flying commences.
  • A Multi Engine quiz must be completed prior to the commencement of training.
  • A minimum of 7 hours towards a conversion on the Multi Engine Aircraft, 2 hours can be done on a simulator.
  • 20 hours of Instrument Training, of which 5 hours can be done on a simulator, 5 hours on a Single Engine Aircraft and 10 hours on a Multi-Engine aircraft.

Instructors Rating


The only requirement is a valid Commercial Pilot Licence.

Practical Training

  • 20 hours of patter training of which 5 hours may be on a Simulator
  • 30 hours of ground briefings
  • Pass a practical skills test in lecturing and air exercises with a Designated Flight Examiner

The following subjects need to be passed with a pass mark of at least 75%:

  • Applied Meteorology & Navigation
  • Principles of Flight & Legislation


This license consists of a ground school phase and to qualify for your ATPL you will require 1500 hours of flying experience which includes:

  • 250 hours as Pilot in command;
  • 75 hours of instrument flying and
  • 100 Night hours pilot in command

You must hold a valid medical certificate and subjects can be completed as soon as you have received your CPL. After passing your last ATPL subject, you have 5 years to complete your flight hours.

43 Air School

Contact details

  • Tel: +27 46 604 3600
  • Email: fly@43airschool.com
  • Physical address: Port Alfred Aerodrome, Bathurst Street, Port Alfred, 6170, South Africa

ATNS Aviation Training Academy

Contact details

  • Tel: +0860 2867 26
  • Physical address: Eastgate Office Park, Block C, South Boulevard Road, Bruma, 298, Gauteng