Automatic Cars In South Africa

What is an Automatic Car?

Automatic transmissions change gears for you automatically based on driving conditions, meaning you never have to think about which gear to use. If you drive a manual transmission, you choose which gear to use and when to shift.

Automatic Cars In South Africa

Proton Saga 1.3 Premium – R244,900.

Nissan Magnite 1.0 Visia EZ-Shift – R243,900.

Kia Picanto 1.0 Start auto – R241,995.

Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL auto – R240,900.

Toyota Vitz 1.0 XR auto – R239,900.

Suzuki DZire 1.2 GL auto – R239,900.

How much is the cheapest automatic car in South Africa?

Touching down in South Africa in March 2020 – yes, mere days ahead of the start of lockdown – Suzuki’s quirky little S-Presso is still the cheapest car on the local market.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that at R168 900, the five-speed AMT version is also the country’s least-expensive two-pedal vehicle.

What percentage of cars are automatic in South Africa?

It added 2 more percentage points in 2021 and a further 3 in 2022 (when the scale was teetering at 48:52), before finally reaching a turning point over the opening 9 months of 2023.

So far this year (up to the end of September), 51% of light vehicles sold in SA were fitted with an automatic cog-swapper.

Do automatic cars consume more?

However, the difference in fuel efficiency between manual and automatic cars is relatively small. Automatic cars can be more fuel-efficient than manual cars if the automatic transmission has advanced features such as stop-start technology and adaptive cruise control.