Alvey For Sale In South Africa

Alvey For Sale In South Africa

What is Alvey?

Alvey Reels is an Australian manufacturer of fishing tackle, primarily known for fishing reels and rods. It was founded by Charles Alvey in Brisbane during 1920 making it one of the oldest family owned fishing companies in Australia. Alvey Reels. Industry.

Alvey For Sale In South Africa

2 x ALVEY 500 and 1 x ALVEY 150 fishing reels for sale Original ALVEY reels Good condition R500 for all three or R200 each.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Alvey Reels still being made?

After fighting to remain open, the century-old Australian-owned Alvey Reels is set to shut its doors due to cost pressures and the lack of supplies needed to manufacture their handmade fishing reels.

Are Alvey Reels good?

Alvey reels are manufactured to best practice standards and are in fact so robust that they can be dunked in the ocean for a quick rinse if exposed to beach sand! Alvey reels certainly have a reputation for being durable; however, they are the choice of many competitive anglers for many other reasons.

Where are Alvey rods made?

Mr Alvey’s great-grandfather, Charles Alvey, began producing fishing reels in 1920. The current factory in Ipswich, west of Brisbane, has been operating since 1978.

Can you use braid on an Alvey?

Braided lines can be used on Alvey Reels, but due to their ferocious ability to slice fingers, they should always be used with caution! Pumping and winding is imperative when winding line to reduce the line pressure across the guiding finger.

Do you need a special rod for Alvey reel?

You don’t need an alvey rod but you need a rod with a low mount. ie reel sits close to the butt of the rod.

Can you use a Alvey reel on a normal rod?

The answer is yes you can fish an Alvey reel with your normal high-mount surfcasting rod, but you have to make a couple of modifications.

When was Alvey founded?

The company, which manufactures fishing reels, was formed in 1920 by English migrant Charles Alvey. Initially based in the Brisbane suburb of St Lucia, Alvey Reels outgrew its original premises, eventually moving its factory to Carole Park in 1978.

What size is Alvey?

Ideally a fairly soft tipped rod of about 9′ or 10’6” coupled with a 5.5” or 6” Alvey reel is perfect for low tide work for chasing whiting or Swallowtail Dart. This outfit will allow you to walk along tirelessly while tossing small baits like pippies and beach worms into the shallows.

What is the meaning of Alvey?

English: either from the Middle English male personal name Alfwy (Old English Ælfwīg ‘elf battle’) or the female name Alvy (Old English Ælfgifu ‘elf gift’) or a shortened form of the male name Alvin (see Elvin ).

Where does the name Alvey come from?

Alvey is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin and came from the Germanic personal name Aldway which was derived from Aeoelwig, which meant noble war.

Are Alvey Reels hard to use?

Alvey’s unique sidecast system is very easy to master, and once mastered you will be casting like a champion. Alvey reels have the capability of casting so far that the late Jack Alvey actually won a long distance casting medal at the International Casting Championships.

How do you know when a reel is full?

To begin with it’s important to fill your reels full. Casting reels should be between an eighth of an inch from the top and all the way to the top. If you get too much line on them, you’ll get a weird sound when you cast. Spinning reels should be all the way full, right to the top.