Accident Damaged Cars For Sale In South Africa

What is an Accident Damaged Car?

After a collision or accident, a car’s doors may be crushed, the paint may be chipped, or the fender may be dented.

Individuals in the auto body trades are taught that collision damage can be classified by structural and cosmetic damage. Some cars sustain a combination of both damage types.

Accident Damaged Cars For Sale In South Africa



STOCK NUMBER CD28115. City Deep Auto is based in Johannesburg and specializes in the sale of accident-damaged vehicles that are sold on behalf of a major insurance company.

We have one of the largest inventory stocks of damaged vehicles and also have a selection of drivable cars. We also stock SUV, bakkie and minibus used spares. You may visit our website for our full inventory”

Dealer: City Deep 4×4 Comm Spares (Pty) Ltd
Stock No: DAM47295

How to buy a car on auction in South Africa?

The prospective Buyer must sign the registration form and give the Auctioneer a copy of his/her identity document and proof of residence (not older than 3 months). The Buyer will be required to pay a deposit to register for the auction.

How much are auction fees in South Africa?

Yes, immovable property auction commission consists of the following: 6% on the first R100 000.00 of the proceeds of the sale, 3.5% on 100 001.00 – R400 000.00, and 1.5% on the balance of the proceeds, subject to a maximum of R40 000.00, excluding VAT, with a minimum of R3 000.00 excluding VAT.