Detergent Packaging Suppliers In South Africa

Detergent Packaging Suppliers In South Africa

Detergent is a chemical substance in the form of a powder or a liquid for removing dirt from clothes, dishes, etc.


This form of packaging needs to be leakage-proof as content can be detrimental when in reaches toddlers or animals.

Advantageous gain of product use

Diverse preferences are catered for here at Plastic Bag Printing as we provide detergent packaging for the vast growing detergent market. Detergent packaging produced at Plastic Bag Printing is of the highest quality and can be used to package many detergent forms. Flexible detergent packaging provides convenience in the transportation and storing of packaging material. Detergent packaging is advantageous mainly because;

  • Detergent packaging is a contemporary, cost-effective form of packaging
  • Detergent packaging is space-convenient and shelf friendly
  • This packaging material type is recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • Packaging can be produced in various sizes
  • Detergent packaging also provides a mess-free distribution as packaging material is leakage-proof

Functional use of packaging

Detergent packaging is a prudent decision made by many businesses, hence having the correct packaging partner to assist your business with its packaging needs is crucial. At Plastic Bag Printing we know how important that is and have skillful employees willing and capable of helping you choose the correct packaging to suit your specific product need. Detergent packaging can be used to package detergent forms such as;

  • Soap bars
  • Detergent packaging ( powder form)
  • Liquid detergent packaging

The only way consumers will recognize your product, first handedly, would be by distinguishing your packaging design amongst your consumers hence detergent packaging is not only used for product convenience but brand recognition too.

Identification of package

The design of the detergent packaging may vary according to the desired packaging need. Detergent packaging can either be produced as a laminated bag or paper bag. The most popular bag form for detergent packaging would be stand-up pouches as they can stand unattended on shelves, provide the most systematic shelf appearance, and are consumer luring. Other bag forms available for detergent packaging are amongst;

  • Flat bottom pouches
  • Pillow pouches
  • Spout pouches

Plastic materials used in the production of detergent packaging include;

  • MET
  • PVC

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